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Woman behind Shocking Racist Rant to Face Charges

A woman whose shocking racist train rant caused outrage online is likely to face charges over her "totally abhorrent" behaviour. Mobile phone footage captured the woman verbally abusing passengers this week near Strathfield, on the Newcastle and Central Coast Line. In her sickening racially-motivated attack, the woman, reported to be Sue Wilkins, 55, launched a tirade against an innocent Asian passenger.

She also attacks the man near her, incorrectly assuming that the pair are in a relationship.
"He can't even get a regular girlfriend, it's so sad, he's got to get a g**k," the woman jeers.

"He's too lazy to jerk off, he can only get a g**k."

This afternoon Wilkins reportedly told media she had been in Sydney looking for work and had a "really rotten day". Wilkins says she is embarrassed by her outburst and said the way she spoke to the woman was "not nice". "When people say that to me,  call me white trash and fatso. I know how it hurts and I shouldn't be saying it to other people," Wilkins reportedly said. She also claims to have been the victim of a recent online dating scam, where she was duped out of $100,000 by a Dutch man via RSVP.

Assistant Police Commissioner Max Mitchell said the woman's behaviour was totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated anywhere on the public transport system.

Mr Mitchell didn't know why she was allowed to walk free but stressed the woman would be charged for her "abhorrent and unacceptable behaviour". "The person responsible will be prosecuted," he said.
If found guilty of offensive behaviour, she faces a $500 fine.

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