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Much like smoking and alcohol, plastic surgery can get out of hand to the point of becoming an addiction. There is never a point in comparing yourself to Hollywood’s socialites and stars because almost every one of them have
had some work done in one way or another. Usually, they’re pretty good at keeping it under the radar, but not these 15 celebrities. The celebs had so much plastic surgery that it ultimately ended their careers and spoiled their reputations.


We all know the story of Michael. Once he pretty much drowned in his plastic surgeries his entire career became more about his new face and allegations against him than his actual music. Even though he was a handsome man, Jackson had 10 to 12 surgeries within a 2 year period. To his credit, Jackson suffered from a skin condition called vitiligo, which caused him to have large patches of uneven skin tones on his face so he simply embraced what was naturally happening to him.


Ryan took a classic route that many celebrities take and get away with. Ryan sported her new (and very creepy) plump smile and Botox injections at the 59th Taormina Film Festival 2013. It’s hard to speculate whether Ryan hasn’t been in anything new in almost two years because of her new face or if she did this to her face because she hasn’t been in anything.


This is hard to look at. Since 2000, this famous designer has completely changed her face. As reported by Hollywood Life, Dr. Steve Fallek believes that Versace has had a wide range of surgeries including Botox, fillers and lasers. This stunt didn’t end her career, but it did end her notable reputation. Like Jackson, she is talked about for her new look, not the looks she designs.


Carrot Top, birth name Scott Thompson, is an American stand up comedian who is pretty much horrifying. He is a walking nightmare. Around the time that he got surgery his career plummeted. Instead of being just a comedian, he often has to use himself as a joke. You can see he how is 2007 surgery left him without any wrinkles and dramatically different eyebrows.


Well, Jenner is quite the talk of the town right now. Sure, he looks dramatically different in these images, but our boy Bruce is currently undergoing surgery to become a woman. Back in 1976, Jenner was considered the greatest athlete in the world, now he is a reality tv star getting as many plastic surgeries and the Kardashian women he stars with.


All that Grey got done was a nose job. She had the bump in her nose filed down and it may have completely cost her her career. After she hit it big as Baby in Dirty Dancing, her nose became her statement. By removing the bump she looks dramatically different and people stopped casting her in thing besides TV movies.


This Baywatch babe has changed her face and body drastically since she started her career. Even though she is a talented model, actress, producer and writer…she gets majority of her attention from newly enlarged parts of her physic.


Many consider Lindsay Lohan’s transformation a complete and total train wreck. From rehab, to jail, to under the knife, Lohan has kind of completely lost her shit. Lohan underwent lip injections, a facelift and breast implants. She looks much older than she is, in a bad way, and might as well surgically removed the girl she used to be back in herMean Girl days.

#10. LIL KIM

Lil Kim can deny it all she wants. There is just no way that people don’t see that she looks completely different. She is almost unrecognizable. She was compared to LaToya Jackson by talk-show host Wendy Williams in which Lil Kim replied by calling Williams a “hating bi***” Needless to say, her career has rapidly went down hill.


This Country Hall of Famer wasn’t removed from Hollywood’s radar by getting plastic surgery, but boy was he close. He was once known as this scruffy masculine man who could sing a damn-good song, but after having an eyelid lift surgery he appears much more feminine.


We don’t know about you, but when we saw this picture we thought, “oh, no wonder we haven’t seen her in a long time…because we wouldn’t recognize her.” Hannah was a hit co-starring with Tom Hanks in the movie Splash but after that things got a little dark. According to Gossip Magazine, Hannah has undergone Botox injections, face lifting, cheek implants and lip augmentation.


Manilow is an absolute classic, but again, his career has taken a turn and he gets a lot of attention solely for the way he looks. According to Celebrity Post, Manilow has undergone many surgeries over the years to look the way he does now and it simply comes down to the fact that a 70-year-old man would not look the way Manilow does now without some synthetic alterations.


Mickey Rourke is notorious for his botched plastic surgery job. He was once considered a hunk of a boxer, and now it’s pretty hard to look at him. Even in his most recent Iron Man role, they made him look completely scary, because hey, he’d look scary either way. According to Huffington Post, he has been trying to fix what he did to his face in 2008 with more and more plastic surgeries.


Demi Moore is absolutely gorgeous, but she still spent a whomping $330,000 total to look the way she does right now. Over the years, Moore has gotten liposuction, Botox, breast augmentation, cheek implants and facelifts. Even all that couldn’t keep Ashton around though.

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