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Sugar Daddy Lured To His Death By Female Undergraduate

If Okorie, a family man in his late 60s had died naturally, it wouldn't have been a problem to digest but unfortunately, the father of four died in the loins of his girlfriend, who is a Banking and Finance student of the Ebonyi State University (EBSU), Abakaliki in southeastern Nigeria.

Okorie was the owner of a block-making factory who has this habit of cheating on his wife but this time, he was dealing with the devil himself. He was lured to a hotel near the university and allegedly invited her boyfriend.

On getting there, it was learnt, they began to do those things that lovers do and her school boyfriend, Alex, appeared suddenly on the scene like a ghost. And the man died in the process.

A police source said: "What happened was that the man was lured by a girl he has been assisting as a family friend and/or lover to somewhere in Abakaliki. Thinking that all was well, he went to honour the call.

"Unknown to him, the girl's boyfriend had already made some arrangements to either threaten or intimidate and extort money from him. But in the process, while in the so-called boyfriend's room, he died."

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