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Tottenham Hotspur become the cringiest team to ever make it to Wembley

How do you know when a football team doesn't make it to a final very often? When they make an official home party kit, that's how

You can tell Spurs don't make it to Wembley very often after their club website created some cringy merchandise for their fans on the big day.

Knowing that a lot of fans will be disappointed having not been able to get a ticket for the Capital One cup final, the club have come up with an idea to keep everyone happy.
Spurs have very kindly added a page to their website for a 'Wembley part tool kit'. Seriously, this isn't actually a joke, it's a real thing.

Food ideas, official invitations, bunting, stickers, posters, it's all there to make your Spurs Wembley party the best Wembley party of all time.

We know what you're thinking, this party is missing something but you can't quite put your finger on it... don't worry Spurs have already thought of it.


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