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[Video] Woman Who Caused TB Joshua's Church To Collapse Wants To Kill The President

During the Sunday service on January 25, 2015 in Tembisa,  Apostle J.B. Makananisa was conducting mass prayer to the congregation when a demon-possessed woman manifested and threatened to kill Prophet TB Joshua and President Jacob Zuma, SA Latest News reports.

In a video released by Charis Missionary Church, the South African woman confessed to being the one who masterminded Prophet TB Joshua's church collapse last year and caused the death of 115 people, including 84 South Africans who had visited the Nigerian televangelist when the tragedy occurred.

Asked to explain why she did the heinous act, the woman whose name has not been revealed yet, said she wanted to fix Prophet TB Joshua because he is very powerful and that she didn't want South Africans to visit him. She also said her next mission will be in Tanzania where she intends to cause havoc and acquire more powers.

"People go to Nigeria, heee, they go to Nigeria, I will pick them, I will destroy that church. You don't know me. I'm coming, now I'm going to Tanzania, yes, you will know me, I'll get more powers," she said.

As if that was not enough, the seemingly evil and demon-possessed woman also declared to kill President Jacob Zuma whom she accused of bringing foreigners into the country.

"I will kill Zuma, he brings people, he makes people unite, I'm tired, he brings people, foreigners, Chinas, Indians, Nigerians, all of these people, they come here, ah no, no, I'm tired," she said while being confronted by the apostle.

The woman only identified herself in the video as "the boss", the boss of this world who kills people. She said if foreigners continue coming into South Africa, she will kill them all.

Apparently the woman had come to Charis Missionary Church while following a certain girl whom she is tormenting and also wants to kill. She said she wanted to kill the young girl because she (the girl) was exposing their dark world.

Charis Missionary Church was started in Tembisa Zone 10 as a home grown church on September 19, 1999 with just a hand full of members under the leadership of Prof. Apostle JB Makananisa and his wife Dr. Pastor Eunice Makananisa. Since then the church grew and moved to an open land in 2006 located just off Madiba drive in Zone 5, Tembisa, South Africa. The church now hosts a capacity of more than 5000 members.


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