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6 Year Old Girl Dies From Brown Snake Bite In Northern NSW, Australia

Emergency services issue a warning after a young girl dies from brown snake bite.

Doctors and family members did not know a six-year-old girl was bitten by a brown snake until it was too late to save her life.

The young girl was bitten just after 3pm on Friday in northern New South Wales, but it was not until her condition worsened when medical professionals realised what had happened.

She was taken to hospital near Walgett, where doctors administered anti-venom, and was later air-lifted to Sydney’s Children’s Hospital and placed on life support.

Her condition continued to deteriorate and the girl died on Saturday.

Walgett Shire deputy mayor and registered nurse Jane Keir said she did not think the girl was aware she was bitten, Sydney Morning Herald reports.

"I believe the family didn't know she'd been bitten and, by the time they'd realised, she was comatose," Cr Keir said.

"The little girl could have been on the edge of Sydney and the result would have been the same."

It is believed the girl stood on the snake at her family's property about 25km outside Walgett.

The tragic accident has led to emergency services issuing a warning to be wary of snakes.

If you are bitten by a snake ensure someone calls Triple Zero immediately.

If the bite is on a limb, apply a pressure immobilisation bandage but not so tight it will cut off circulation.

If it's not on a limb, apply pressure to the bite with your hand.

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