coerced sex

Coerced Sex

White women threatened to accuse them of rape or attempted rape if they did not agree to sex to perpetuate white supremacy.
whipping boy

Whipping Boy

White women took out their frustrations on the enslaved males they owned with excessive cruelty, violence and forced sex as a way to combat feeling relatively powerless.
sex on display

Sex on Display

If a master thought that a certain man might have strong, healthy offspring, the enslaved man was not only forced to have sexual relations, but he would be made to have sex in the master’s presence.


White owners would castrate or even kill enslaved men who impregnated their wives, who had sex with enslaved men when their husbands were not at home.
man with man sex

Man-With-Man Sex

Many times, enslaved men were forced into homosexual sex.
wife swapping

Wife Swapping

Some masters would take an enslaved man’s wife and match her with other men to have sex and produce offspring with.
public humiliation

Public Humiliation

Masters would have enslaved men strip naked in front of women, as if modeling, and threaten, with whip in hand, the woman to have sex with the chosen man.
plantation circuit

Plantation Circuit

Enslaved men would be put on a plantation circuit, where they would be forced into sex with  “worthless young n*gger gals.”There he would be “married off” — time and again.
denied wife

Denied Wife

A Black man would live near his wife, but seldom allowed to visit her, while white men and recruited enslaved men would have consistent sex with her.
grueling work

Grueling Work



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