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Australia Police caught on video kicking suspect in the face

A police officer who kicked a suspect in the face during a violent arrest will be investigated by IBAC.
Latham Murphy, 22,  had been grabbed by police as he attempted to flee the volatile scene in Melbourne’s southeast on Sunday following a police pursuit.
Murphy’s sister is angry over such force being used, claiming he wasn’t putting up a fight and was screaming out in pain. However witnesses say the aggression went both ways between police and suspects.
Mobile phone footage shows three policemen struggle with Murphy before he was taken to the ground.

A police officer appears to strike Murphy in the face with his boot. Source: 7News

Officers raise his arm to be handcuffed when a fourth policeman appears to kick him in the face.
“What the f*** was that? You dog,” one man shouts following the incident.
The policeman then shapes up to use his OC spray as the young sister of the suspect tries to intervene amid a series of screams and continued shouting.

According to Murphy’s sister, he wasn’t trying to resist arrest. Source: 7News

Murphy had allegedly driven a Holden Commodore which ploughed into a tree before a ute, believed to have been driven by an associate, struck a power pole following an intense police pursuit.
Two men and a woman were arrested at the scene while another two people escaped.
Witnesses from the scene described the moments the dramatic arrest unfolded.
“He started punching the policeman. There was a bald headed policeman, a real tough guy,” resident Alf Kirschenberg recalled.

Murphy’s sister has questioned the behaviour of officers during her brother’s arrest. Source: 7News

Murphy is facing several charges including resisting and assaulting police . Source: 7News

Murphy’s family has been left incensed with his arrest, saying he wasn’t trying to resist arrest.
“My brother wasn’t putting up a fight at all. He was just screaming. He wanted to me to help him because they were hurting so bad,” his sister said.
Murphy has been charged with a series of offences including recklessly expose emergency worker to risk by driving, possession of methyl amphetamine and resisting and assaulting police.
The police member who delivered the kick will be investigated by IBAC but remains on duty.

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