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The Rise And Fall Of World Superstar "Gaucho Ronaldinho"

The Rise And Fall Of World Superstar "Gaucho Ronaldinho"
Ronaldo de Assis, commonly known as (Gaucho Ronaldinho) is one of the World Best Attacking Midfielder but Bad lifestyle did not allow him to play Football longer, He is someone that loves PARTY, NIGHT CLUB and SALSA DANCE.

Sometimes he goes to Night club and gets drunk the night before the day he has a very important match to plays and still perform well in the field, He said Football is what he plays for fun and does not take it serious that’s why he attached other activities to his football career.

Ronaldinho is just 39 years old but looks like a 50 years old man due to bad lifestyle. As a professional footballer who is also a superstar he shouldn’t be combining constant Clubbing, Womanizing, Gambling and Drinking too much to his Football Career. He is someone whom everybody loves so much regardless the club they support. It will be very difficult to find someone who is as complete as Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho was accused to TAX Fraud and he was alleged to be on the run since he's been marked as wanted by the Spanish Government, when they searched his Bank account all they could find was $7 dollar. Has Ronaldinho gone bankruptcy? some people claimed there's every possibility for him to must have withdraw all his funds and moved it to another person's account.

He has won everything any footballer wish to win. He is known as the work most skilful player ever. Due to football policy and discipline he refuse to play in the UK (English Premiership) because he does not want anyone to limit him from social life in the name of Football.

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