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"I Have Spiritually Caged More Than 5,000 Men In Ghana" - Lady Confess

A converted call girl who claims to be the Queen Mother of all prostitutes in Ghana has confessed that in all numbers , she have had sex with over 5,000 men just to live a comfortable life.

This lady has been counting each male she had slept with , and confesses to have imported concoctions from CoteD’Ivoire on her private part when having sexual intercourse with men.

In her account, she couldn’t feel pains even after sleeping with twenty men because of the herbs she used which made her private part very tight.

According to her, she lured the men through rituals and that none of the rich married men she slept ever complained or resist her request.

The former night club waitress whose name has been withheld  said most of them she dated complained of their wives being unkempt when in the homes with smelly rooms.

The prostitutes Queen mother stressed that she dressed neatly anytime his numerous boyfriends came around to visit and they didn’t have any cause to complain as compared to their wives who changed after marriage.

In her views, some married women pave way for their husbands to cheat because of their attitudes, adding that they feel relaxed after getting the rings on.

she recounted, ‘I slept with more than 5,000 men, most people don’t’ believe me when I tell them, but it’s real. None of the men had any issues with me, because I was always neat both inside out, though I was using juju to lure them’.

What made her narration more shocking was the fact that her group went to a river god at Nyinahini to collect juju to command men to buy houses for them.

Strange but true, the world is no longer safe . Kindly comment on the comment box below!


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