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Indian Man Who Raped Toddler For Five Hours Then Strangled Her Will Be Hanged

A man who kidnapped, then sexually assaulted a two-year-old girl for five hours before strangling her to death will be hanged.

India's Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty meted out to 32-year-old Ravi Ghumare in a 2-1 judgement handed down late last week.

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The attack occurred in March 2012 in the city of Jalna in the state of Maharashtra, about 420km east of Mumbai.

In the judgement, the court recounted the circumstances of the case.

It said the little girl's parents were fruit sellers who on the day of the tragedy had been hard at work.

About 5pm, the girl's mother noticed her child missing and so the tot's father and her uncle immediately began searching for her.

They were told that Ghumare had been seen drunk, giving chocolates away to children along the laneway in which he lived.

The girl's frantic father then went to the police who raided Ghumare's house, breaking down the locked door to get in.

Parent's nightmare
"Blood was oozing out from her private parts and had multiple injuries on her body," the justices recall in their judgement.

"She was covered in a blanket and taken to the hospital where the doctor declared her brought dead."

Source: 7NEWS.com.au

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