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Yahoo Boy Runs Mad, destroyed his expensive car after failure to renew juju due to lockdown (VIDEO)

A yahoo boy has been seen in a viral video suddenly got out of his expensive car and started behaving insanely as he proceeded to pick up a rod in a bid to destroy his expensive car.

According to reports, the suspected internet fraudster (Yahoo boy) who got more than he bargained for after displaying signs of madness in a busy street in Lagos on the 30th of May.

Onlookers caught the glimpse as they were dumbfounded and surprised as the young man came out of his car and started shouting on top of his voice which subsequently attracting the attention of passerby and pedestrians.

The watchers alleged that he is a victim of circumstance after reportedly involving himself in rituals and not being able to make it up for the rituals. Some sources also revealed that the yahoo boy was billed to perform some rituals before the 30th of May, but couldn’t hence the madness that befell him.

According to the same source, his friends also revealed that they were also meant to perform the same rituals but couldn’t because they needed to travel out from Lagos to Edo state, expressing worries that the same fate that had befallen their friend could also befall them too.

One of them allegedly said: “We have begged the Babalawo to at least shift the ritual to another month but he refused. We ought to bring 7 freshly used pants from girls who have not been used for rituals before, and must go with some of the fetish items given to us by the juju man.”

With growing frustration following unemployment in Nigeria, some Nigerian youths have made the costly decision to seek money by all means with many going into Internet fraud and subsequently visiting a traditional herbalist or native doctor to prepare rituals or charms for them in a bid to make more financial gains off victims using the dark arts.

Watch the video below:

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