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Heartbroken Nigerian Man Caught His Wife Cheating with His 17 Year Old Nephew (Video)

 Lawyer revealed how his nephew destroyed his marriages, thereby causing him extreme trauma.

A Nigerian lawyer from Imo state who is based in France, Obinna Nwadike has accused his nephew, David Anyiam Chiagozie, of destroying his 15 years marriage following his family visit to Nigeria.

A social media activist and influencer, Deborah Okezie, brought this pounding issue to the public via her Facebook live program where Mr. Nwadike narrated his ordeal.

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Nwadike stated that he got married to a woman from Caribbean Island, Marie Muriel Geraldine, in 2008, after their marriage they welcomed twins, and then relocated from France to the United Kingdom in 2009.

“We lived happily as a couple. My younger brother, Ezechukwu Dike Nwadike, married in Nigeria to a Nigerian woman. I wanted to attend his wedding because he wanted to use my two little boys for his bridal train. Myself, my wife, and my three little children got a visa to Nigeria. 2019 we came down as a family to support my brother.

We settled in Lagos and stayed in Lekki for a week. You know in Nigeria, family member will like to come around especially since I haven’t been to Nigeria for over 10 years. I have people coming from different parts of Nigeria to be with me, to see my wife who was coming to Nigeria for the very first time, and also my children.

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Everything went well not until we get to Enugu where my brother’s wedding took place, my brother’s wedding went successfully and we had a good time. My wife was six months pregnant as at the time we went to Nigeria and was 33-year-old. Unknown to me, she is secretly having an affair with my younger nephew who was 17-year-old,” he stated.

The lawyer revealed that he didn’t suspect them at that time, because different people are coming closer to the family and he accepted them without having in mind that any evil will transpire.

“Now this little boy came from Abuja just to look after my little children. He came in with in the form of helping the family, taking the kids around, and showing us around Enugu. Unknown to me, he was secretly admiring my wife who is not even Nigerian and spoke very little English. I never really read meaning to it because if I was to suspect anybody to have an affair with my wife, it would not be Chiagozie who is 17,” he said.

The heartbroken man added that before their arrival to Nigeria, he warned his wife to be mindful of where she is going because Nigerian men are very desperate to have access to any beautiful foreign lady.

“My wife is very pretty and attractive, I do tell her to be careful of Nigerian men, they get to track you up even if they know you are married. My children have never been to Nigeria, during the wedding my wife was all over the place, not paying attention to the children. You know Nigerian society your child could go missing, she was trusting people too very often. I have never had a problem with this woman for the past 15 years, the first time I bring her to Nigeria, people start to pollute her mind about me.

A week after we came back to the UK my wife is no longer the same woman. She started to have a secret affair with my nephew, she started to text him. When I started to date my wife, I came from a Christian background, I will never have to use some erotic words to express my feeling to her through messages. I was surprised to realize that my wife get calls from Nigeria, who was calling my wife? It was my nephew.

Her phone was ringing one faithful Sunday morning when we were sleeping on the same bed, she was actually charging her phone and she got this call at about 6 am, +234 was calling and then she refused to pick the call. There was no name registered to that number, I told her ‘why didn’t you pick your call?’ she said to me that she doesn’t know who the person is. I said to her that if this person is calling you then she must exchange her number with this person,” he stated.

Nwadike said that after the phone stopped ringing, he checked and discovered a lot of erotic messages from the number persuading the wife to divorce her him.

“When my wife saw me in a range, she has never seen me this bad, she ran away from the house. She was 6 months pregnant, ran away, and left the three children with me. She didn’t tell me where she was going and didn’t take her phone along with her, she left to the hospital. I called my mum who lived in France and told her what Chiagizie have been doing to my home, she asked me to wait a few hours before calling the police. I waited for some hours before calling the police, I told them what happened and they didn’t come straight away, they came 4 hours on the line. The children were crying ‘where is mom?’ I didn’t know what to say to my kids.

Finally, the police came in at 7 pm and when this woman came in, she looks like a feminist, ‘what could you have done to your wife to make her take off like that? She has no shoe on.’ I told her that I have done nothing to her. She came with a camera recording me, as a lawyer I said to her that I will record her as well,” he said.

The lawyer further said that after the whole saga, they went to enquire from neighbors if they heard any noise from his building, and they replied that they didn’t.

“While they found her at the hospital, she said she doesn’t want to see me there, that she wanted her phone and handbag. while at the hospital my wife was calling and taking instructions from Chiagozie. When I called Nigeria to tell them, Chiagozie have to pull back and tell my wife ‘go back to your husband, I don’t want it to be traceable that I am the one that broke your home.’

My wife who doesn’t want to see me then called me that I should come and see her. All those messages they sent, I transferred them to my phone as evidence,” he stated.

He added that after his wife came back, he engaged in prayer because he thought it was a magic spell that was cast on her. Instead of her making efforts to bring back the trust, she felt reluctant, and her husband began to make moves to restore the lost peace.

“After our last baby was born, we took a walk along the lake. My wife began to dress in an unusual way. When we came back in the evening, she went to the kitchen to prepare a baby meal. What my wife does, she has two phones. The first time I discovered what she was doing she stopped communicating Chiagozie with that number. She now got another second phone which has always been in the kitchen and not password protective. Each time she goes into the kitchen to make a baby meal, she kills time chatting with my nephew under the pretense of washing plates.

That Sunday after we came back, she went downstairs to make baby milk, it’s taking my wife 30 minutes to make baby milk. Something struck me in the head and I said that I am going to have a look at the phone. When she came upstairs with the baby milk, I asked her to sit down and wait for me as I went down stairs. I went to the kitchen, took the phone, and started flipping through. I looked on WhatsApp, everywhere and didn’t see anything. Something then told me to look at Facebook messenger, lo and behold, the last message that was just sent to Chiagozie was just 2 minutes before she came upstairs. When my wife became apprehensive that I was killing time, she started to come downstairs,” he said.

The young man revealed that he heard her footsteps and quickly put the phone in his pocket. When the wife saw him coming, she changed direction, pretending to be heading for something else.

“I already knew that she was becoming scared about what is going on. When we both meet upstairs, I showed her the phone and tells he:‘so you are still contacting Chiagozie?’ she bent her phone downward and could not say anything.

She then said ‘well if you had accepted the last time you caught me we would have gone our separate ways’ My wife was breastfeeding and cheating. I broke down and started to cry, I now realized that she has gone too far in her immoral act. My wife has been looking for a reason for me to be the one to go so that she will tell the kids that I am the one that left and abandon them. I lost my temper and hit her for the very first time. She left the house the next day and told me she was going for a walk.

I never knew that the hospital she went to the first time had given her a number to contact us she ever feel threatened. My wife was now working against me. She left me with four children including the 6 months baby. She left at 10 am and never returned. I called my mother and told her, my mum told me not to call the police and I choose not to call them.

At about 10 pm, I saw two police cars who came to arrest me, they charged me for domestic abuse. When I was locked up in a cell, they came to re-arrest me for a sexual assault. They released me the next day and gave me a condition not to contact my wife and children directly or indirectly, and not to come anywhere near my property,” he said.

The man could be heard crying and stated that while he was arrested, he had no choice to call his 60-year-old mother to come to his aid hence he doesn’t have a friend in the UK.

“This is the woman I brought to the UK, she created a criminal record on me for the very first time. My mother told me no problem I will call your younger brother. My brother came from France to the UK, he wanted to go to my house to speak to my wife. While my brother was on his way he called Chiagozie and say ‘Chiagozie, see that thing you destroyed better repair it, I am giving you 24 hours to repair Obinna’s home.’ Chiagozue pretending to be working with my brother, what he was doing is getting information that my brother was coming to the UK and be giving it to my wife.

My wife was delivering to the police that my brother is coming to threaten her, while Chiagozie will be giving us the impression that he is trying to resolve the matter. The police were actually at the property waiting for my brother so that as soon as he comes they will pick him up. Something brought to my knowledge about the conditions and I pleaded with my brother to change the plan. My wife told the social service that she is not safe, Obinna knows about the area,” he said.

The man then said that the wife demanded a change of vicinity after she claimed that she is scared of her life. He added that while all these things were going on, her wife spent most of her time chatting with the Chiagozie.

On the 12th of April, 2021, Nwadike stated that he received a petition of divorce from his wife with a charge of domestic violence, he wanted to hire a lawyer for a cross-petition because divorce is a sin against God. However, the lawyer advised him not to take the step, stating that it’s a waste of money because it will be successful hence she has already made an appeal.

“He told me to rather use the money and fight for children’s custody. Imagine me being rejected by a woman. I’m not bad looking, I’m a good looking man, I can get any woman I want but my heart is in that woman,” he said.

The social media activist then told him that what is transpiring between his wife and the nephew is not love and are only enjoying it because they are distanced away from each other. She urged him never to worry that the wife is under the influence of a love spell that will soon be eliminated.

It is also gathered that the Nwadike has not seen his children for the past two years.

“I’m still fighting for children’s custody. We went to court two weeks ago, she was cross-examined because I have been fighting a legal battle, I had to go to court. The law reached out to her, do you know all the charges, everything was neutralized, the police could not even find one evidence to say I was domestically abusing her. The police went to the children’s school, they had been asking teachers ‘have you seen any bruises on the children’s body?’No documentation. That has made me lose hope in women. If I could give 15 years to a woman who could do this to be, what can other women tell me?” he said.

He also revealed his Nephew’s Facebook and Instagram handles as ‘Chiagoziem David Anyiam.’

Many viewers went on an online hunt as they search for Chiagozie on Facebook and Instagram and dragged him alongside.

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